Vladimir BerGer Photography

Well known series of pictures "Follow me" inspired me to create my own art "Believe In Yourself". The very first picture of which was taken in Blagoveshchensk City, on the East Coast of my motherland Russia. At that time, I haven't even kept in mind the idea of this series, until I moved here to The New York City.
Why "Believe In Yourself"? Why people fly? I guess, when we think of flight, we imagine freedom. A man flight represents aim of something unreached. The name of series calls to Believe In Yourself, while breaking stereotypes and swim against the flow.
The series are new, so there is not so much to show, but   there is coming more. If you wish to join, I will be glad to make you a part of it.
Instagram tag: #BelieveInYourselfSeries